There are some amazing picturesque villages in Provence that are awaiting discovery. They are all different in character and if you visit at certain times of the year, you can even enjoy the purple lavender fields when they are in bloom, making for unforgettable photographs.

You will smell them before you see them when viewed from a height they are simply stunning. The locals even make an aperitif drink out of the blossoms and it looks other1280px-Cotes_de_Provence_roseworldly, like something you would see in a chemistry lab.

At other times of the year, towards May and June, the wild poppies start to flower, turning whole swathes of countryside red. Provence is also known for its delicious Rose wine, particularly the Luberon variety, which as it suggests, is made in the Luberon valley, which straddles the Luberon French National Park.

There are other varieties too, such as red Bordeaux, which comes from a neighbouring region. You will be hard done by if you purchase a bottle of wine which is not to your liking. There are countless vineyards and the French people who live here and press the grapes take viticulture very seriously. It is like a religion to them.

You can take wine tours and most of the vineyards, where they will explain the process of making the wine, before taking around the grounds to see the grapes on the vines and how to prune and pick them.

After that, you will be taken to the cellars to see how the wine is aged and stored, before being given a few tasters of what they have on offer. It goes without saying that your taste buds will be tantalized to the point that you will have to buy a few bottles. The wines vary in price range from €20 all the way up to €1,000 and above.