While the micro-nation principality of Monaco’s Montecarlo is known as Europe’s casino central, it’s worth noting that France has a fair few great ones to visit too.

There are plenty of casinos in Paris that are worth visiting and the brick and mortar casinos all offer great traditional games such as Poker, Blackjack, video slots and mechanical slots. Apart from dealer games, they also offer games such as casinoroulette, which was invented in France in about 1650 and was first introduced as a casino game in Paris.

There are casinos all over the country and all major cities have them. They all feature restaurants and cocktail bars and many of them also have live entertainment, especially in Paris with go-go girls and dance shows on offer. Other major cities such Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse have their own casinos and while many of them are franchises and chains, there are still a fair number of independently owned ones that offer more of a boutique experience that is coupled with great entertainment.

Montecarlo, of course, is the ‘grand daddy’ of them all and a mecca four tourists who want an authentic gambling experience at the Casino de Montecarlo. The downside, of course, is that accommodation, meals and drinks can be exorbitantly priced. You can skirt around this by staying in places such as Nice, Cannes and Grasse, where it is slightly cheaper and then just drive in to Montecarlo. There are no tolls or border checks and it is just like driving into another town.

Oddly enough, while they are allowed into the casino building, citizens and residents of Monaco are not allowed into the gaming rooms and identity documents are checked at the door to prevent this from happening.

While slots and card dealer games are available, the most popular game at this casino is roulette.